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Candy is made by dissolving sugar in water or milk to form a syrup, which is boiled until it reaches the desired concentration or starts to caramelize. Candy comes in a wide variety of textures, from soft and chewy to hard and brittle. The texture of candy depends on the ingredients.

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Every time I host a party or have a special occasion, your desserts are a regular part of it! Sweet, delicious and amazingly lightweight, they make everyone fall in love with it immediately. Thank you for your amazing job, I appreciate fast delivery and the cost!

Monica Alessi
Monica Alessi

Uno dei gelati più buoni che abbia mai mangiato, fresco di gusto e soddisfacente. Acquistate anche la loro mozzarella di bufala, è impareggiabile.

Serena Vito
Serena Vito

Un nome, una garanzia. Passione e qualità non mancano mai. Dal Caseificio La Stella Bianca alla gelateria non sbagliano un colpo! Un gusto più buono dell’altro.

Vittorio Russo
Vittorio Russo

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Sweet Box For Him

Sugars contribute moisture and tenderness to baked goods. Flour or starch components serves as a protein.
Fats contribute moisture and can prevent flaky layers.

Sweet Box For Her

Some desserts are made with coffee, such as tiramisu, or a coffee-flavoured version of a dessert can be made.
Alcohol can also be used as an ingredient, to make desserts.